N.C.M.D. participates in a number of activities related to women and sustainable development

The National Center for Administrative Development and Information Technology of the Ministry of Planning participated in the conference to launch a report on monitoring and implementing strategies for women in Iraq. which was held in Erbil on the nineteenth of December

The conference witnessed special presentations of the monitoring report and strategies concerned with women in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, presenting a package of recommendations aimed at improving the implementation of strategies in the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and identifying all the challenges and achievements facing the implementation process.

On the other hand, the National Center for Administrative Development and Information Technology, In a workshop on sustainable development in Iraq, Supported by the United Nations Development Program.

The Director General of the Center, Dr. Fouad Falih, said, The participants in the workshop discussed the methodology and structure of the report on Goal 16 within the Sustainable Development Goals, indicating that it is coming In continuation to the previous two workshops, about this.

The Director-General of the International Cooperation Department, Dr. Saher Abdel-Kazim Mahdi, also participated in the workshop. The Director General of the Administrative and Financial Department at the Ministry of Planning, In addition to representatives of a number of ministries, agencies and the internal good governance team.