In the presence of the relevant authorities, the MoP discusses the role of ICT in achieving SDGs.

The Group of Experts, in coordination with the International Experience Forum, held a workshop on the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) in achieving the goals of sustainable development today, as part of a program (Wednesday symposium) directed by Minister Dr. Khaled P. Al-Najm, to activate the reality of research work in Iraq. The workshop was conducted by the expert Dr. Adnan Yassin, while, the head of the expert group in the Ministry, Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan, was the rapporteur of the workshop.
Participants discussed the working papers prepared by the researcher, Mr. Abd-Allah D. Salman of the IT department, with a working paper on (Integration of modern technologies into development strategies, policies and plans) prepared by the Ministry of Planning. The researchers, Ms. Zainab K. Mohamed and Ms. Amana K. Mehdi, participated in a working paper entitled (Role of ICT in achieving sustainable development goals) Researcher Ansam S. Mehna also participated in a working paper entitled (How to use ICT to achieve sustainable development goals 2030).
The workshop recommended the development of the infrastructure of all government institutions, the implementation of laws and regulations, the implementation of future policies to improve performance in information technology and the provision and training of information technology cadres in government institutions. In addition to establishing long-term visions and strategies in information technology activity for all State institutions, encouraging State institutions to establish electronic information exchange links to improve the performance of all citizens’ electronic dealings, encouraging citizens to use e-governance. It also recommended that a comprehensive database on the development of the information society and its impact on sustainable development should be built to identify successful initiatives and programs that harness ICT for development. A budget should be allocated to support research and development. Research scientists should be drawn to work on technology localization and development to suit the needs of society. With increased public and private spending through the capacity-building project for government representatives and the launching of pilot plans in selected countries for the establishment of national poverty alleviation funds, as well as the capacity-building project to support selected ICT services targeting needy communities.
The workshop was attended by the Deputy of the Ministry of Planning for Technical Affairs, Dr. Maher H. Johan, a number of Directors-General, , a number of relevant actors and Ministry associates.