Goal 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

  • Commitment to the principle of partnership under the umbrella of the United Nations constitutes the cornerstone for achieving sustainable development goals and objectives. In Iraq, we strive under the circumstances of the economic crisis and the exposure of one-third of Iraq to ISIS terrorism in implementing the plans and programs referred to in this paper to obtain international support to reach the goals and development goals sustainable.
  • Partnerships with civil society organizations in educating citizens, targeting the poor, and reviewing and evaluating the network system.

Iraq faces serious challenges in employing the means of implementation at the national level, and capacities are still almost limited, as a result of the fact that the Iraqi economic structure is not largely supported by international units. The inequality between the people and regions in Iraq and the weakness of efforts to transfer expertise and needs are still facing serious institutional challenges, and this is due to the weak capacity needed to address resource mobilization and address cross-border priorities such as food security, water, climate change, peace and others (i). Also, given that the economic reality of Iraq is rentier, the tax is still a limited and low-income element, as it reached (2.95%) in 2019 of the gross domestic product.

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