Officially supported by the United Nations Human Settlements Program, the Ministry of Planning announces the launch of the Iraq Forum for Sustainable Development

The Ministry of Planning announced on Monday, Officially about the launch of the Iraq Forum for Sustainable Development project in cooperation with the United Nations Human Settlements Program (Al-Habitat), To support the process of sustainable development in Iraq in conjunction with the World Education Day.
The Deputy Minister of Planning, Dr. Maher Hammad Johan, who deputized the Minister of Planning, Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, said in a speech he delivered during a celebration held on this occasion: We succeeded in building this forum, with its virtual and real wings, as this step may have come late, in light of The severe circumstances and challenges that the country faced during the past years, especially 2014 and its aftermath, in which Iraq achieved the greatest victory over the most powerful terrorist wave that threatened its existence, stressing that this platform will be important in raising awareness, education, behavior standardization, rationalizing consumption methods, and spreading a culture of awareness. community, with the goals of sustainable development, and as a result building a positive society, in line with the real trends to achieve those goals, which aim at achieving a better life for the current generation, and for subsequent generations. The Ministry of Planning and the United Nations Human Settlements Program, calling on everyone to make more efforts for the continuation of the effectiveness of the Iraq Forum for Sustainable Development.
The Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Mission, Ms. Irina Voyashkova, said in her speech: that Iraq, despite the difficult circumstances it has gone through during the previous years, launched this important initiative represented by the platform for sustainable development, which was implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Planning, and is the first step to work. To achieve the sustainable development goals, noting that this platform does not belong to the Ministry of Planning only, but all ministries, local governments and society to work to achieve the goals of sustainable development. In addition, the Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Program, Mr. Wael Al-Ashhab, said that the project of the forum aims to ensure the effective implementation of the sustainable development goals by the Government of Iraq under the leadership of the Ministry of Planning, “and that this forum is a platform for communication regarding sustainable development in its real and virtual parts. It will contribute to the The realistic level in providing information on sustainable development indicators through linking with all platforms such as the Central Statistical Organization platform, the reconstruction platform and other related platforms, in addition to raising the awareness of citizens in general, noting that the platform will provide a virtual library of the outputs of relevant seminars, conferences and workshops, In addition to holding virtual scientific seminars and publishing scientific research related to sustainable development, in order to raise and develop capabilities and innovation as a final outcome in this regard.
The celebration included a presentation on the sustainable development file in Iraq presented by the Director-General of the Department of Regional and Local Development, Dr. Muhammad Mohsen Al-Sayed, in addition to the presentation of the podium and a dialogue session on the prospects of the forum, which was attended by the Minister of Environment, Dr. Jassim Al-Falahi, deans of colleges, experts and university professors, in addition to representatives of organizations International and a number of general managers and relevant authorities.

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