After the launch of the Iraq Forum for Sustainable Development.. Opening prospects for joint cooperation between Planning and the University College of A-lmustaqbal in Babylon Governorate

After the Ministry of Planning announced the launch of the Iraq Forum for Sustainable Development, In cooperation with the United Nations Human Settlements Program “Habitat”, Practical steps have begun to achieve the practical objectives of the forum. In the forefront, Support and enhance efforts to achieve sustainable development goals in light of Iraq’s vision for sustainable development. In this regard, Babylon Governorate witnessed a step of cooperation between the Governorate Planning Directorate and Al-Mustaqbal University. The planning director of Babylon discussed, of the Ministry of Planning, Khaled Kazem, with the Dean of the College, During his visit to it, the initiative of the Iraq Forum for Sustainable Development and the prospects for cooperation with the college to supply the platform with relevant research and studies and how to access the forum page As well as discussing the main axes for the completion of a study on the use of clean energy sources in one of the residential complexes in the province of Babil and similar to the Emirati city of Masdar, Through a joint working group, Participation in the preparation of sustainable development indicators reports and voluntary reports for the province of Babylon.

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