Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning: Climate change represents the biggest challenge for Iraq and we must reach real treatments to face the effects of this change

During his chairmanship of a joint meeting of the Supreme National Committee and the Follow-up Cell for Sustainable Development Goals. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Planning: Climate change represents the biggest challenge for Iraq and we must reach real remedies to face the effects of this change.
The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Planning, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Tamim, today, Tuesday, The climate changes taking place in Iraq and the world, It has become the biggest challenge whose effects must be addressed with real treatments and solutions.
This came during his presidency, The joint annual meeting of the follow-up cell and the Supreme National Committee for Sustainable Development. In the presence and participation of representatives of ministries and relevant authorities.
He added that this meeting was held to discuss many important files and issues at the national and international levels, especially the upcoming convening of the high-level forum of the United Nations at its 78th session, next September. He stressed the importance of Iraq’s participation in this forum, which requires preparation in a manner commensurate with its importance. He pointed out that achieving the sustainable development goals requires the availability of several factors, foremost of which are: financing activities and events, and as a result, achieving the goals, in light of Iraq’s vision, and what indicates in this aspect, a clear gap in funding for these policies. He pointed out that this issue is very important and requires a pause. to find appropriate solutions to them. The Minister pointed out that the circumstances witnessed by Iraq, during the last decade, and in conjunction with the launch of the national vision for sustainable development goals, negatively affected the achievement of those goals, so we are required. Today, by redoubling efforts and compensating for lost years through the plans of the work teams and taking advantage of the state of stability, and the improvement of the level of revenues and what was included in the government program and the tripartite budget, as well as international support, in achieving better results than before. He pointed out that the issue of climate change is one of the important issues for sustainable development as it represents a first priority within the list of priorities in view of the dangers we face today due to drought, water scarcity, high temperatures, and the threat to the environmental reality in Iraq.
For his part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning for Technical Affairs, Dr. Maher Hammad Johan, Preparations for Iraq’s participation in the high-level forum of the seventy-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2023. In addition to Iraq’s participation in the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change next November.
The Director General of Regional and Local Development at the Ministry of Planning reviewed, Dr. Mohamed Mohsen Al Sayed, What has been achieved from the 2030 Agenda. In addition to presenting the work plan of the committees on sustainable development. The meeting was attended by, A number of undersecretaries of ministries, the Central Bank, the Municipality of Baghdad and its general directors, and the body of advisors.

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