In cooperation with the United Nations Mission… In partnership with the Ministry of Planning. Sama Innovation Foundation discusses the mechanism of evaluating the work of government departments in Diwaniyah

Sama Innovation Foundation for Sustainable Development organized a two-day workshop in Diwaniyah city in which it discussed the training of local government institutions in Diwaniyah
The director of the institution, Engineer Raad Kurdi, said: In cooperation with the Diwaniyah government, an evaluation training workshop was organized for some state departments, the most important of which are the directorates of Diwaniyah Agriculture and Water Resources. He added that this event came with the support of the United Nations Mission in Iraq and in partnership with the Ministry of Planning, and the Iraq Network for Sustainable Development.
For their part, the participants praised the establishment of such a kind of workshop at a time when they called for its continuation in order to complete the update of sustainable development indicators related to climate change and its effects on the environmental reality.

The participants concluded with a set of recommendations, The most important of which was to focus on the work of environmental journalism and work to apply it on the ground.

It is noteworthy that Sama Innovation Foundation previously carried out several workshops related to sustainable development goals, focusing on topics related to climate change and researching ways to solve them.

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