In cooperation with the Central Statistical Organization, the Department of Human Development holds a training workshop on sustainable development goals and national trends

The Department of Human Development of the Ministry of Planning, in cooperation with the Central Bureau of Statistics, held a training workshop on sustainable development goals and national policies and trends. With the aim of introducing the concept of the fifth goal of the sustainable development goals (gender equality and empowering women) for a period of three days. Head of the Women Empowerment Department in the department, Mrs. Sahar Faydallah, said: The workshop includes an explanation of the mechanisms of integrating gender in public policies and shedding light on the economic empowerment of women in the private sector. She added, “During a presentation on the fifth goal of the sustainable development goals, the development agenda addressed women’s issues within ten goals, Including the fifth goal, which is devoted to women’s empowerment and gender equality, and among nine other goals that deal with various developmental and life prospects, This confirms the special importance that the agenda attaches to women’s issues and gender equality. She indicated that the goals of empowering women in the National Development Plan 2018-2022 included: Empowering women scientifically, economically and healthily. As well as expanding its participation in the private sector. She pointed out that there are proposals to enhance work and enable the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: Including the basic and important integration with all parties, concerned with achieving goals, In addition to achieving communication with civil society organizations in achieving the goals, as they are a key and effective partner in the agenda, As well as promoting, educating and raising awareness of the goals and objectives of the 2030 sustainable development plan in conferences and symposiums with the aim of achieving their inclusion in the annual plans of all institutions, Being concerned with achieving these goals, As well as supporting statistical surveys that provide indicators about women in the sustainable development goals, As well as strengthening the capabilities of employees on administrative records and qualitative indicators. The workshop included a presentation on the guide to gender equality in public policies and the plan for economic empowerment of women in the private sector, presented by the statistician at the Central Statistical Organization, Ms. Raghda Ziyad Tariq. The workshop was attended by a number of representatives of ministries, agencies not affiliated with a ministry, and a number of ministry employees.

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