Includes health, education and decent work.. Planning discusses progress in achieving sustainable development goals in the field of population and human development

The specialized team for population and human development in the Ministry of Planning held today, Tuesday, its sixth meeting, In the presence of committee members who represent focal points from ministries and agencies not associated with a ministry.

The Director General of the Department of Human Development said, team leader, Dr. Maha Abdel Karim Al-Rawi, This team is one of the teams concerned with achieving a number of sustainable development goals, represented by the third goal (health), the fourth goal (education), the fifth goal (gender equality), the eighth (decent work) and the tenth, which include some indicators on the population and the displaced. She added, “The meeting included a review of the recommendations of the previous meeting and a review of the progress made in achieving the sustainable development goals, with a review of the updated data on indicators at the relevant ministries, and informing them of the Iraq Forum for Sustainable Development platform concerned with publishing all reports related to sustainable development.” She pointed out that the meeting also included reviewing the report of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations issued in 2016 on the sustainable development goals. Indicating that the meeting came out with a set of recommendations, most notably: Activating communication on a continuous basis to achieve frequent meetings during the year with activating the tasks and roles of the focal points in the ministries, As well as approaching other ministries to obtain data that serves the work to achieve the sustainable development goals in Iraq

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