In the presence of academic and government officials, the activities of achieving the goals of sustainable development in Babil Governorate were launched from the Future University College.

Based on the administrative order No. 9786 on 12/22/2023 issued by the Babil Governorate Court regarding the formation of a committee to monitor the achievements made in the goals and indicators of sustainable development at the level of Babil Governorate and to submit its report to the Supreme National Committee for Sustainable Development

Where the committee held its first meeting in the Deanship of the Future University College in the presence of the assistants of the Governor of Babylon, the President of the University of Babylon, Professor Dr. Qahtan Al-Jubouri, the President of Al-Qasim Green University, Dr. Hassan Al-Awadi, the Director of Babylon Health, Dr. Pharmacist Haider Al-Birmani, and the President of the Babylon Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Sadiq Hashim Al-Mamouri and Eng. Adnan Naji, representative of the organizations, and Eng. Makki Hadi, Director of Babylon Environment, and Mr. Raed Jamal, Director of Babylon Municipalities, where the meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy, Dean of the College, and Eng. Khaled Kazem Hassan, Director of Planning of Babil Governorate. At the beginning of the meeting, the Dean welcomed the Messrs. The guests, who come at a time when Al-Mustaqbal University College ranked first among private universities and colleges in Iraq in the field of sustainable development, and a letter of thanks and appreciation from His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education to the college’s employees for their outstanding performance in the field of sustainable development, while Professor Khaled Al-Salihi, Director of Planning, reviewed Babil Governorate Indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals in Babil Governorate, the measures taken to follow them up, and their international importance for spatial development. Economic, social, cultural and health. In conclusion, a set of recommendations were issued that emphasize spreading the culture of sustainable development in society in all its different categories, teaching it in schools, following up the implementation of indicators, and launching the award for the best service for sustainable development. Wishing to maintain development, urbanization and sustainable prosperity

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