The response of Iraqi universities to the goals of sustainable development, the first national report 2021

The Ministry of Planning participated in the launch ceremony of the National Report on Sustainable Development Goals 2021, which was organized by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. In the presence of representatives of ministries and relevant authorities, the celebration included a speech by the Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee, Mr. Naeem Al-Aboudi. In addition to presenting the results of the report, which includes: How to achieve the goals of sustainable development, as well as announcing the results of measuring the role of public and private universities according to the Guide to Participation in Sustainable Development, with a presentation of the performance of those universities. The celebration also witnessed the recommendations of the report, which included the procedures followed to work to achieve the goals of sustainable development in Iraq, in addition to honoring the universities and colleges that achieved the first ranks and the committee preparing the report. It is worth noting that the report came out with a number of recommendations, most notably: updating the national development plan 2018-2022 and working To achieve development goals by integrating them into the local development process and informing local institutions at the governorate level, as well as researchers and academics explaining the goals. In order to achieve a better understanding of it at the level of officials, decision makers and beneficiaries at other levels.

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