Workshop has been held in Erbil : The Ministry of Planning, in cooperation with the United Nations Human Settlements program, holds a training workshop for the Sustainable Development Forum project

Within the framework of joint cooperation between the United Nations Human Settlements Program, the Ministry of Planning is holding a specialized technical training workshop for training on the Iraq Forum for Sustainable Development project for a period of five days, with the participation of specialists in the field of information technology and media from the Ministry of Planning..which highlights its importance in focusing on accurate media messages that It includes official and documented information to gain the confidence of citizens in Iraq, and then to indicate the strengths and weaknesses that need to be strengthened and strengthened, which is based on solid and sound foundations in the field of achieving sustainable development goals, which are reflected on infrastructure and reconstruction in general, to be an advanced forum that ensures monitoring the development of access to The seventeen sustainable development goals to ensure a decent life for Iraqi families, and to shed light on the achievements made by providing an electronic platform that interacts with citizens and a point of contact between Iraq and the United Nations in the field of sustainable development to support the role of government institutions, including public and private universities, and to share responsibility between citizens and governments.

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