The Ministry of Planning participates in a university symposium on sustainable development goals.

The Future University organized the specialized symposium tagged (the localization of industrial activities in Babil Governorate and its role in achieving the goals of sustainable development) on Tuesday 16 May.
Representatives of the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Industry, the Federation of Iraqi Industries, the University of Babylon, the Babylon Investment Commission, a number of officials and specialists in industrial affairs in the province, and professors and students of the University of the Future participated in the symposium.
The symposium was opened by Dr. Mohsen Abd Ali Al-Freiji, Chancellor at the university, by delivering a speech in which he emphasized the role of the university in achieving the goals of sustainable development and the importance of the private sector to be a partner in sustainable national development. Representatives of the Ministry of Planning participated in two working papers. As Mr. Ammar Abdel-Azim / Head of the Local Planning Department in the Department of Regional and Local Development in the Ministry of Planning gave a presentation on the localization of industries at the national and local levels in the light of national development plans, While Eng. Khaled Kazem Hassan Al-Salhi / Director of Babylon Planning gave a presentation on alternatives to development policies and focus on the linear development policy by adopting the spatial advantage of Babylon Governorate, taking into account the importance of Highway No. (1) / Babylon section and its role in the localization of industrial activities and its impact on promoting economic development National and local job opportunities to eradicate poverty and unemployment, provide an environment for decent work, achieve responsible consumption and production, considering the aforementioned road the main corridor for development in Iraq. Representatives of the Industrial Development Directorate in the Ministry of Industry, the Iraqi Federation of Industries and the University of Babel participated in similar papers that clarified the reality of industry in Iraq and Babylon and the developmental visions of activities Industrial.
The symposium came out with a number of recommendations through which it is possible to face the challenges and solve the problems facing the work of the private industrial sector and invest the comparative spatial advantage of Babil Governorate to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

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